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Parcours acrobatiques en hauteur / Accrobranches

Antipodes is a builder and manager of a many acrobatic park, also known as a tree adventure park, or hook-up since 2001.

Whatever your support, trees, rocks or artificial structures, we study your project and accompany you since its conception, (choice of place, validation of trees by a forest expert), installation of games, zip lines, nets ... until the delivery of the park, with a manufacturer's file and maintenance book.

We also attach great importance to the way in which the routes are implemented, in order to ensure easy future monitoring and thus reduce the operating cost.

Thanks to our involvement in AFFORPAH (the French association for training and research in Acrobatic Routes in Heights), we benefit from a perfect knowledge of the latest European standards, whether for the construction: EN 15567-1 than for operators EN 15567-2.

In addition, we use the latest and best technologies, namely :

  • Continuous lifeline attached to trees with "growth anchors." This technique allows the operator to be able to change the diameter of the anchorage very easily each year and thus follow the growth of the trees. Pictures 9
  • Last-generation platform: petal or piercing platforms to ensure the proper growth of trees and facilitate adjustment to the evolution of their diameter. Pictures 10
  • Use of crimping rings in place of cable ties, for better aesthetics, fluidity and ergonomics but also to reduce the cost of maintenance. Pictures 11
  • Use of premium materials (games, nets, cables, wood) to ensure safety and longevity.

Everything is done to reduce the cost of operation, maintenance and facilitate management for future operators

We offer fun and varied obstacles, and in recent years we have also specialized in the construction of:

  • Course on artificial structures (wood or steel)
  • Net course that does not require individual equipment, the latest generation of fun boxes
  • - Wooden huts

Whatever your project is, we propose to meet you to carry out a feasibility study and a free quote.

Antipodes - Constructions Travaux Conseils

Among our accomplishments are the most striking:

  • Arbres et Cimes in Aveyron, (design and construction of 7 courses in 2001, complete dismantling and new realization in 2014, expansion in 2017, and 2019 - design and construction of a net route in 2018)
  • La forêt d’Acrobates in Herault, (design and construction of 5 courses in 2006, expansion in 2014)
  • Branché Aventure in Cher, (design and realization of 6 courses in 2013, 2 new courses and 2 giant zip lines in 2014, 1 new course in 2015, 1 new course in 2016, 2 new courses in 2017)
  • Le Caussanel loisirs in Aveyron (design and realization of 6 courses in 2017)
  • Espace Hermeline in Haute Vienne, (modernization of the entire park, design and construction of 3 new courses in 2017 - design and construction of a net route in 2019)
  • Saint Clement Aventure in Allier (Design and realization of a new course in 2019)
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