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For 25 years, Antipodes has been specialized in construction, renovation, development and consulting in the field of tourist facilities such as:

Our team is made up of professionals, with rope and climbing state diploma, as well as the cordist diploma (CQP 1). We have a perfect knowledge of the evolution of materials, assembly techniques and current standards.

Travaux équipement escalade

As a member of the Active Leisure Union (SLA), we are at the forefront of the latest materials and assembly techniques used at European level, as well as the latest regulations

Three of our company's managers are trainers within the French Association for Training and Research in Acrobatic Routes in Height (AFFORPAH ). Thus, we train the future staff of tree adventure parks everywhere in France. We are therefore able to advise and train your operating staff.


We offer our customers a high level of expertise and professionalism.

The key words of our commitments are :


Because safety is our priority, we are uncompromising about meeting product-specific standards.

We set up infallible safety systems: continuous lifelines, whether for via ferrata or for tree adventure parks.

Quality /ergonimics

We attach great importance on the choice of materials used: wood, nets, cables, obstacles... to ensure the sustainability of our facilities and low operating costs.

The quality of our services also depends on:

  • A highlight on the site's natural assets
  • The ergonomics of the facilities to ensure comfort, ease and fluidity
  • Clear and visible signage
  • The validation of all our facilities by a specialized independent control office
  • The delivery of a manufacturer's file and a guide to use and maintain


Whether in our working methods, in the choice of locations or materials, everything is made to minimize the impact on the environment. Each project is done in consultation with environmental experts.

Our structures are built in a reasoned way in order to preserve your environment !

We also work in other areas :

  • Giant ziplines
  • Footbridges
  • Public security work (purge, comfort, de-vegetation)
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