Who are we ?

Antipodes, 25 years already...

ANTIPODES was born in 1995... 25 years... It is the crossing of the Friendship between four friends, their passion for climbing, different outdoor activities and love of nature.

We enjoy travelling to discover new horizons in order to satisfy our passions of outdoor sports and discovery of new cultures. Then, the name of our society appeared to us as obvious... ANTIPODES, literally, diametrically opposed point.

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Indeed, the desire of our company Antipodes Sport Nature is to transport you away from your daily life, in order to make you discover our beautiful region of South Aveyron and our world of preserved nature, between causses, valleys, gorges, rivers and cliffs.

For 25 years, the strength of our society, the women and men who work there have experience

Thanks to this, we can bring you safely, with a good quality of equipment, and advice tailored to your level in all our nature activities.

Our team is made up of state graduate professionals in each activity, and we have a keen sense of hospitality, and humor of course!

It's a real joy to welcome you in our homeregion !

In Spring, Summer, and Autumn, we are specialized in nine outdoor activities with more or less great sensation and emotion. These include water rambling, canyoning, via ferrata, climbing, tree adventure, caving, bungee jumping, paragliding and canoeing

The rest of the year, we design, build and renovate tree adventure parks, via ferrata, climbing routes.

The supervision of activities and the design of practice sites are really complementary and make us true specialists in our environments.

The team



BE Escalade option Canyon
BAPAAT Canoë-Kayak Raft
CQP1 Cordiste



BE Escalade option Canyon
CQP1 Cordiste



DE Canyon
CQP1 Cordiste



Responsable Commerciale
CQP Parcours Acrobatique en hauteur


Salarié à l'année

CQP 1 Cordiste
CQP Opérateur de Parcours Acrobatiques en Hauteur


Moniteur indépendant

BE Escalade Canyon


Moniteur indépendant

BE Spéléo Canyon


Moniteur indépendant

DE Escalade

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