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Our beautiful region is located in the south of France, 100 kilometers from the city of Montpellier. We are in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Great Causses (plateaus and wide open spaces). Nature is intense, wild and unspoiled. Millennials of sun, water and wind have carved every space and nook.

These places are perfect for discovery, escape, adventure at all levels. Millau is the city at the centre of this nature, at the convergence of the Gorges (Gorges of Tarn, Dourbie and Jonte), overlooked by the Great Causses (Larzac, Noir, Sauveterre and Méjean). Enchanted places for all those who love Nature in all its states. 

The Causses and the Cévennes have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in terms of agropastoralism and cultural landscapes.

Beyond all the activities we offer around Millau, the area is full of unusual places, tours and getaways to enhance your holidays, stays and weekends in South Aveyron.

For your stay, you will find at the bottom of this page a non-exhaustive list of hosts in the region, as well as our partners and other links that might be useful to you. 

Other sports and discovery activities include

  • Hiking trails in the Tarn Gorges, Dourbie Gorges, Jonte Gorges, on the Larzac Causse, Causse Noir, Causse Méjean, Causse du Sauveterre
  • ATV trails
  • Vélorail de Sainte Eulalie de Cernon
  • Les Bateliers du Viaduc (boat ride under the Millau Viaduct)
  • Equestrian rides (horse and donkey)
  • Famous caves such as the Aven Armand and Dargilan

Wildlife-oriented activities

Visits to unique places

  • Millau Viaduct
  • Roquefort caves
  • The different glove factories in Millau


  • The Millau Museum and the Grand Causses
  • The Museum of La Graufesenque, a Gallo-Roman archaeological site

Templar villages

  • La Couvertoirade, Sainte Eulalie de Cernon, La Cavalerie, Saint Jean d’Alcas, Le Viala du Pas de Jaux

The picturesque and/or troglodytes villages

  • Peyre, Creissels, Compeyre, Peyrelade, Mostuéjouls, Liaucous, Peyreleau, La Sablière, Cantobre, Nant, Saint Jean du Bruel, Saint Marcellin, Eglazines, …
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