Fear fades to give way to euphoria, you’re flying !!!

Practical info
33 kg minimum, 138 kg maximum
1 hour
Viaduct of Sainte Eulalie de Cernon
50€ / Vidéo +20€
Sneakers mandatory

Online booking

Price of a bungee jumping in Millau. What does the price include?

The jump is 50 euros. There is a two-jump package for the same person (one forward, one backwards) at 75 euros.
The video option is 20 euros and includes two videos: one filmed with an on-board camera, and the other one from the bridge.

How to book bungee jumper or buy a gift voucher ?

To book, it's easy! Choose the date and time slot, with just a few clicks, it's done!
If you have a gift box or gift voucher, you can also contact us by phone on 0033565607203.

What about the groups ?

From 6 people, you benefit from a preferential rate. Also note that from 15 jumps, we can open a new date especially for you! Ideal for a birthday, bachelor party or seminar!!
We can also go anywhere in France and organize a bungee jumping session from a crane! Original and striking, no one will forget your event!


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Bungee jumping at Millau

First jump of my life, what an experience !! Sensational, fabulous, amazing, and more !! A perfect team, professionel, welcoming, with good advice.

I recommand 200 % !! Thanks for everything !

Baptiste - Août 2020

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What is bungee jumping in Millau ?

Bungee jumping is pure adrenaline ! You jump into the void from a 50 meters viaduct, in Aveyron, near Millau. Faced with a fabulous landscape, feet tied to the elastic, you gather all your courage, and it's time to go! Then, fear fades to give way to euphoria, you’re flying !!!
The elastic gradually stretches, there is no shock, and you feel the bounces, overwhelmed by emotion and pride of having done it! Want more? So let's do it again, why not back to the void next time ?

And most of all, smile, you're being filmed !!!

For whom ? At what age ?

There is no minimum age for bungee jumping, although minors require parental permission. To jump, the minimum weight is 33 kg, and the maximum 138 kg.
For people over 55 years old, a medical certificate is required.

Where is it ? When ?

Bungee jumping from Millau viaduct ? Not really, Millau Viaduct is a highway, bungee jumping is forbidden there (it's a pity !).
Our viaduct is located in Sainte Eulalie de Cernon, near Millau (20 min). We are 1 hour from Montpellier and Béziers, 2 hours from Nîmes, Perpignan and Albi, 2h30 from Clermont Ferrand and Toulouse.
In front of the Templar City and the famous Larzac, the view is breathtaking! On the viaduct the railway is now used by Velorail du Larzac !
We offer jumps from March to November, on specific dates that you will find at the end of the page. We can also open other dates on request from 15 jumps

Is that scary ? What if I'm dizzy ?

We're not going to lie, it's scary! But that's what you're looking for, isn't it ?
Bungee jumping is an activity that provides a lot of emotions, but to reassure you, keep in mind that we are a professional team who have been doing bungee jumping for over 25 years. You will be tied up to three times, and several people will check the safety features before you jump. So don't worry, safety is our priority, you can come with your eyes closed! Well, no, open it, it's beautiful!

Concerning vertigo, just don't look down! Set the horizon without looking at your feet

How long does it last ?

It is necessary to allow one hour for bungee jumping, from registration, to equipment, briefing and the jump itself.

What to bring ?

Sneakers are mandatory for bungee jumping. When it comes to clothing, a comfortable outfit is recommended.
Finally, for people over 55 years old, don't forget your medical certificate !

What is there to do around or for those who do not practice ?

To reach the viaduct, you will cross the Templar village of Saint Eulalie de Cernon. Be sure to take a break to contemplate the fortifications, visit the reptilarium or taste the local gastronomy!
A ride by bike or train on the larzac rails is also highly recommended!
For more information, visit our surroundings section.

What are the obligations/contraindications ?

The contraindications are epilepsy, pregnancy, heart or joint problems, diabetes.

If you have had surgery or injury in the past few months, or if you have an illness or other problem that makes you doubt on your abilities, take your doctor's opinion.

2023 jumps calendar

Millau, viaduct of Sainte Eulalie in Cernon :


  • Samedi 8 avril
  • Dimanche 16 avril
  • Dimanche 30 avril
  • Samedi 6 mai
  • Samedi 20 mai
  • Samedi 3 juin
  • Dimanche 18 juin

Eté (Juillet et août)

  • Tous les samedis
  • Tous les mercredis à partir du 12 juillet inclus


  • Dimanche 10 septembre
  • Samedi 23 septembre
  • Dimanche 8 octobre
  • Dimanche 22 octobre

Bungee jumping from Culan Viaduct

Bungee jumping from a crane

For all your events, seminars, concerts, or all kind of shows, we can come anywhere in France and organize a bungee jumping session from a crane ! Original and memorable, no one will forget it ! Contact us for a quote !

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