See the great landscapes passing by under your feet !

Practical info
From 4 years old
10 minutes to 1h10
From 60€
Sneakers, warm clothes

What's the rate? What does the price include?

Here are the three main possibilities:

Discovery flight: 60 € (descent flight, about ten minutes, in calm conditions). More advised for children or anxious people, from 4 years old, maximum weight: 80 kg
Classic flight: 85€ (longer flight, about twenty minutes in ascendances) In the afternoon, this flight is suitable for everyone from 35 kg.
Sensation flight : 105€ (same conditions as the classic flight, but with acrobatic maneuvers in addition).

There are also XL or XXL flights for a duration from 40 minutes to 1 hour and 10 minutes.

How to book ?

For more information and to book, please contact the pilot directly:
Bruno Galzin: 00336.  Fly Millau Parapente /

What about the groups ?

Preferred rates exist, to be seen directly with the pilot.


What is paragliding ?

Flying is a dream for many of us. Paragliding makes this dream accessible, smooth and safe. Comfortably settled, you just have to contemplate the wonderful landscapes passing by under your feet!

For whom ? At what age?

From 4 years old, and without any maximum age, paragliding is an activity for everyone. With different flights on offer, everyone will find the one that suits them!

Where is it ? When ?

There are three take-off sites around us, that we choose according to the weather conditions: La Pouncho d'Agast, Brunas, and Novis. You can fly all year round, but the activity is very dependent on the weather, you have to be flexible !

Is it hard ?

No difficulty, you just have to be able to make a few steps in the slope for take-off, the pilot does everything else!

How long does it last ?

The duration depends on the flight option chosen, and the weather conditions.

What to bring ?

Bring sneakers and warm clothes, it's sometimes cold up there!

What is there to do around or for those who do not practice ?

Watching take-off and/or landing is strongly advised !!!
For the rest, visit the Around us section for more info!

What are the obligations/contraindications ?

The maximum weight is 110 kg but can be changed depending on the weather and the passenger's abilities. You have to be able to run a few steps for take-off. For people with reduced mobility, a specific chair is provided.

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