Fun moments await you to cross all the obstacles !

Tree adventure

What is the tree adventure?

The tree adventure is a course in the trees. You play on different obstacles : monkey bridges, footbridges, zip lines and other fun and delirious games.
At Arbres et Cimes, we offer 8 courses with an increasing difficulty :

  • Pitchoun Adventure (net course without harness)
  • Mini Junior (4 to 8 years old)
  • Green (from 6 years old / 1m20)
  • Blue (from 1m25)
  • Red (from 1m30)
  • Black (from 1m40)
  • Rando tyro (from 1m30 and 30 kg)
  • Tyro aqua (from 1m30 and 30 kg)


All our courses are equipped with a continuous lifeline, which means that once attached, you’re linked to the lifeline until the end of the course!

The tree adventure is a very good way to work on children's motor skills and agility. For teenagers and adults, it allows you to face the height and have fun. Fun moments await you to cross all the obstacles !

For whom? At what age?

The minimum age is 4 years old, and there is no maximum age!
Everyone will find the paths that suit them, depending on their age, but also their size and easyness in the trees!

Where is it? When?

Our park "Arbres et Cimes" is located in Millau, on the riverfront, on The Avenue de Millau Plage.

We are now closed ! We'll open again in April 2021 !

Is it hard?

Yes and no! There are courses for all levels, whether you are a beginner, or you are used to climb, everyone will find his own way. Ask our instructors for advice, they will be able to guide you!

How long does it last?

On average, it takes 30 minutes per course, but it is hard to determine a duration. It all depends on you, your easyness in the trees, and the attendance in the park.

What to bring?

Sneakers are essential and mandatory to join in the activity. If you want to do the water zipline, think about the swimsuit !

What is there to do around or for those who do not practice ?

Our base is located on the Avenue de Millau Plage. Partners can walk in the park and by the river. Next door is also a bike park (Duverbike), as well as the golf café, where paragliders land!

Visit our nearby section for more information !

What are the obligations/contraindications?

Like any other sport, the tree adventure requires a good physical condition. If you have any doubts about your ability to practice the activity, please consult your doctor.

Practical info
From 4 years old, all levels
30 min to ½ day
Arbres et Cimes, Avenue de Millau Plage 12100 Millau
Starting at 10€
Sneakers mandatory

Online booking

What is the rate? What does the price include?

You'll find all our rates in detail up there..
Each course is done only once, except for the children's courses, which can be repeated three times.

How to book?

bookings can be made online or by phone on 0033565607203 !

What about the groups?

Groups are welcome at the tree adventure! And they have specific rates!
We regularly organize birthdays, bachelor parties, family or friends gatherings.
Schools, holiday camps, seminars also benefit from preferential rates.

Please contact us for any quote requests!


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