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Since 1989, we have equipped, modernized, brought into compliance, and maintained numerous climbing sites throughout France.
Our team of climbing/rope professionals also includes F.F.M.E (French Federation of Mountain and Climbing) certified national openers.

Our equipment meets the standards and techniques recommended by the French Mountain and Climbing Federation (equipment standard, FFME of 16 June 2012) as well as the equipment charter (FFME of August 2002)
The moorings meet the safety requirements specified by NF EN 959 and NF EN 12275.

In addition to the equipment/re-equipment part, we offer our clients a site management and tracking tool, as well as the validation of the equipment by an independent control office.

Antipodes - Constructions Travaux Conseils

Among our achievements, here are the most striking:

  • As part of the French Alpine Club: volunteer equipment of about 350 climbing routes spread between the Jonte, Tarn and Dourbie gorges (Aveyron / Lozère) from 1989 to the present
  • As part of several "PETZL ROC TRIP" events, equipment of several routes in different cliffs in France,
  • Equipment of the Laval Roqueceziere climbing site: 85 routes in 1997 (Tarn)
  • Participation in the equipment plan of the French Climbing Championships in the Tarn Gorge: 35 routes in 1997 (Lozère)
  • Equipment of the Pouncho climbing site: 25 routes in 1998 (Aveyron)
  • Boffi climbing site equipment: 55 routes in 1999/2000 (Aveyron)
  • Equipment of the Pas de l'Escalette climbing site: 36 routes in 2001 (Hérault)
  • Re-equipment and compliance of the "Cirque des Baumes" site: 303 routes in 2012 (Lozère)
  • Boisseron climbing site equipment: 25 routes with artificial plugs in 2013 (Hérault)
  • Maintenance, compliance of the Montroc climbing site with change of 65 relays in 2014 (Tarn)
  • Development of the Lake Sidiailles cliff: 25 routes equipment in 2016 (Cher)
  • Re-equipment and compliance of the Frontenac climbing site: 55 routes in 2016 (Gironde)
  • 5000 metres of equipment, re-equipment, compliance of the Trenze climbing site in 2018 (Lozère)
  • Equipment of 100 new routes, re-equipment and compliance of 150 routes of the sites of Bourbonnais, Vichy agglomeration in 2019 (Allier)
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